Green Jacket Rifleman
Statistics (No Boosts)
General Information
Troop Space 1
Troop Type Ranged Infantry
Nation British
Strength Enemy infantry, Long range
Weakness Cavalry and buildings
Upgrade Information
Age Unlocked 核能时代
Upgrade Cost 9,250,000 Food icon
Upgrade Time 10天
Experience Gain 2,040
Upgrade Navigation
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King's Royal Rifleman Coming Soon!

“While their shots do little at enemy buildings, these troops are experts at dealing enemy foot troops. These unique British troops do more damage!”


The '''Green Jacket Rifleman '''is a [[British]] level 10 unique [[Ranged Infantry]] unit unlocked in the [[Atomic Age]]. Its predecessor is the [[King's Royal Rifleman]]. This [[British]] unique unit replaces the [[Veteran SMG]]. It is upgraded in the level 10 [[Armory]].