General Information 编辑

  • The S.A.M. Battery (Surface-to-Air Missile) is a trap that is triggered by nearby Aircraft. When triggered, it would strike the Aircraft with missiles severely damaging it.
  • It is unlocked in the Global Age.

Historical Description编辑

The S.A.M. Battery is a device still used today in aerial defense although not necessarily in a static form. The concept of a S.A.M. system originated in 1925 but was unsuccessful. The first actual attempts at developing a S.A.M. system came in WW2 when the German military and Allied powers both attempted to create an advanced form of AA. The Germans never completed their projects successfully but had proposed several guided Flak rockets that could reach heights up to 60,000 feet. The Allied powers had an unguided S.A.M. system operating with the name "Z Battery" but was rarely used due to their air superiority at the time. The first real guided S.A.M. systems came in the Vietnam war.

Gallery 编辑

Statistics 编辑

Age Number Available
Global Age 2 (3)
Atomic Age 3 (4)
Cold War Age 3 (4)
Level Cost Gold icon Re-Arm Cost

Gold icon

Citizens Needed Upgrade Time Experience Gain Range Damage Age Unlocked
1 1,000,000 ? 2 5d 1,845 3 1,100 Global Age
2 1,500,000 ? 7d 2,220 1,150
3 2,500,000 ? 8d 2,385 1,200
4 3,250,000 ? 9d 2,545 1,600 Atomic Age
5 4,000,000 ? 10d 2,700 2,100
6 4,900,000 ? ? 2,770 2,415 Cold War Age

Defensive Strategies 编辑

  • To have a good chance of killing a Bomber instantly, put it on the route to your Oil Refinery. In World War, put next to the wonder Forbidden City or the Town Center to prevent the planes.
  • Remember, planes will take the shortest path from the edge to get to your buildings, so place the S.A.M. Battery on the side of the building you want to protect that's closest to the edge of the map.

Boosts 编辑

The Deception Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the S.A.M. Battery:

  • Chapter 4 : +10% S.A.M. Battery damage.
  • Chapter 5 : Increases S.A.M. Battery limit by 1.

Amelia Earhart at the University confers these bonuses to the S.A.M. Battery:

  • S.A.M. Battery Damage: Increases S.A.M. Battery damage by 6%(5 levels).